Xiaomi Mi record breaking sale – Sold 10 devices per seconds in Festival sale!

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  • Xiaomi Mi record breaking sale – Sold over 1.5millions devices across Amazon, Flipkart and mi.com and numbers are still increasing.
  • Amazon “The Great Indian festival sale” is LIVE!
  • Flipkart “The Big Billion sale” is LIVE!

India is currently targeted by all big companies for selling their products and services because of Indian festival. Amazon has it’s “The Great Indian Festival sale” and Flipkart has it’s “The Big Billion days sale”. Almost 80% of India is shopping now and companies are gaining huge benefits from it.

Xiaomi festival sale

Xiaomi Mi breaks all records!

Xiaomi is a very popular and famous electronic gadgets brands of China. Named as Redmi in India it launched many top class phones in every category at affordable prices. Almost every phone of Redmi is loved by India. 

Xiaomi said today that they have sold over 1.5 Million products on Amazon, Flipkart and mi.com in Indian Festival sale. You can say that Xiaomi mi sold 10 products every second and these numbers are still increasing. 

Tweet from Redmi India MD "Manu Jain"-:

Check some cool products-:

How Xiaomi Redmi did it?

“Making excellent products at affordable prices is reason for this success of Xiaomi.” 


Xiaomi has many products suitable for Gaming, Camera, processing, students, housewives and all other users. You can buy a stable Xiaomi phone at just Rs. 7,999. This quality attracted all mobile users towards them. All people today speaks about Redmi phones. 

Mi TVs has debuted as the top two out of three bestsellers in the smart TV category. The Mi Band models and Mi Security Camera are also touted to have achieved the top two spot out of three bestsellers in the wearable and security camera categories, respectively.

Further, Xiaomi has claimed that its Mi Air Purifier 2S has emerged as the bestseller in the air purifier category.

Raghu Reddy, Head of categories and online sales of Xiaomi India said-:
“This year we launched several new Mi TVs, Redmi 8A and attractive offers on Redmi Note 7 series, Redmi 7, Redmi 7A etc


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